734315_378462728916329_1223930041_nHi! Welcome to my site! My name is Danny and I am on a mission to bring the “Insanity Workout Program” to my community with the intention of inspiring people into making good and healthy living choices. 

The Insanity Workout Program is a high intensity, max effort and max intervalWe made it! training program meant to burn calories and shed excess body fat. Definitely described as high impact, I am versed in modifications making it available to all body types and fitness levels. The program flips the normal routine on itself, working out for a longer period of maximum effort with short beaks in between.

Before & After INSANITY

Before & After INSANITY

You will sweat, burn, grunt, huff and scream your way through it. And if I am doing my job right, you’ll ask for more.

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